10 Reasons To Visit Rajasthan

10 reason why you should visit rajasthan

The largest state of the country and the most colorful even, Rajasthan is the Land of Kings known for its extreme erudition and the happy hospitality. The only land that fascinates people all across the world with in no time, Rajasthan is considered to be the extremely unique state. With numerous attractions in its own land, one shall not even think about not going for Rajasthan Tour

If you still feel Rajasthan is not worth a single visit, let me bring before you the top 10 reasons why Rajasthan is a land worth exploring for at least once in a lifetime. Go ahead, check this out and fall in love with the most flamboyant land, Royal Rajasthan

  • The History

history of rajasthan

Have you ever thought why Rajasthan is known as the Land of Kings? Let me tell you! Rajasthan holds a history of centuries while it is ruled by many empires, the glory of land is the outcome of every single drop of blood of the soldier that fell on the land while the battles were fought. 

  • Architectural Marvels
Rajasthan Architectural Marvels

With the history that prevails, the architectural marvels of the state of Rajasthan have their names on the mouth of the people across the globe. The single architectural styles, the fusion of two and more styles in some monuments are the point of glamour that is added to the marvel. Why not to praise the creativity of the craftsmanship?

  • Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty of Rajasthan

The land is actually blessed with the mesmerizing panoramic views. The landscapes, the soothing weather, the addition of the sunrise and sunset add on to the charm that will take away the hearts with in no time. And by the way, Udaipur, the city of lakes of Rajasthan is now regarded as the top 15 most beautiful cities of the world. Now you know you cannot miss to explore it.

  • Culture
Rajasthan Culture

The land is already famous for its extremely rich culture. Ah, not culture, but colorful and diverse culture. The attire, the cuisine, the traditional music and dance, the lifestyle of Rajasthan still reflects the culture that once unfolded. Looking for something antique and ethnic? Rajasthan is again the right place.

  • Heritage
Rajasthan Heritage

If the land is known for its royalty, don’t you think the heritage will be very well preserved? Obviously, the rich heritage properties of the rulers and empires of the past are till date very well preserved and now the portion of the heritage properties that includes the forts and palaces are  used by the travelers to experience the rich royal lifestyle of the elite families of Rajasthan. You should at least have a night in one of these.



  • Wildlife Sanctuaries
Rajasthan Wildlife

The land is not behind for being the home to the species of the animals and birds that are heard and sometimes, not even heard. With three Tiger Reserves and numerous other wildlife and birds sanctuaries, Rajasthan is the land with highest flora and fauna. For the wildlife lovers, this is the right place for you.

  • Food
Rajasthan Food

The Rajasthani Cuisine can be extremely peppery or maybe not spicy, yet the cuisine will take your heart away. The well known Rajasthani dishes and food will just let you lick your fingers again and again. And you need not to be shy, lick your fingers and have as much as you can.

  • Fairs and Festivals
Rajasthan Fairs and Festivals

Rajasthan is the land that hosts international fairs and festivals that are witnessed by the people all across the globe. The famous Camel Festival organized by the Pushkar City is extremely huge. Yet apart from that every single festival is celebrated with huge interest and on a bigger level every year. If you can, do witness the Holi Festival being celebrated in Rajasthan.

  • Desert Village
Rajasthan Village

Do you know Rajasthan is the home to the Great Indian Thar Desert? I just told you by the way. So, this is again the biggest attraction of Rajasthan. And guess what? You can experience the Arabian Night at a desert camp with the traditional culture programs of music and dance and fine beer. Hence the best experience ever!

  • Shopping
Rajasthan Shopping

The colorful land is famous for its handicraft products and the colorful ethnic attire. The designs and the embroidery work is something that will captivate the heart and mind. So while you are going back, don’t forget to get some colorful stuffs with you.

The uniqueness and the antiques of the state of Rajasthan is known worldwide and hence it’s the land that will take your heart away as soon as you step on the soil. Well, now I guess, you are pretty much convinced to explore this magnificent state at least once in your lifetime. And trust me, you wouldn’t regret. Yet you would love to come back again. See you again, Tadda! 


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