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Rajasthan, when the word comes out from our mouth then Desert, Sand Dunes, Hot, Forts & Camel are the first things that come in our mind. Rajasthan has its own Culture & Heritage that attracts Travelers/Foreigner to come and try to live the Royal Life of Amazing Rajasthan. The Royal Lifestyle, Big Palaces and the history are one of the best thing that people from all around the world comes to explore the Land of King.

So, now when you have decided to discover this Royal Land, then you should keep the following 10 things in mind during your Rajasthan Tour.

1. Best Time To Visit Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a hot place and it gets much hotter during summers, but during the night in winter, it makes you chill. So it is advisable to create your Rajasthan Trip in the months of October to February

2. What to wear in your Rajasthan Trip

Cotton Clothes are the most suitable apparel for the month off summer. So wear cotton clothes during the Rajasthan sightseeing but keep some woolen stuff with you for the cold nights.

3. What to Eat in your Rajasthan Vacations

It is always suggested to eat less spicy, seasonal and light food when you move to some different place. As Rajasthan is known for its spicy food, then be little careful with your cuisine selection. Though you can order food in the hotel as per your preference. Never forget to carry Mineral Water bottle with you during you tour.

4. How to Go from One Place to Another in Rajasthan

Transportation isn’t a big issue in the Rajasthan as the Government has spent a lot on the transportation services. If you have opted your Rajasthan Tour from a Travel Agent or Tour Operator then they will have their own transportation.

5. Drinking and Smoking in Rajasthan

Every state in India has its own rules and regulations regarding the smoking and drinking. Restrain your not to drink and smoke in public places in Rajasthan.

6. Shopping in Rajasthan

Suggested Tour – Cultural Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan is a place which is known for its culture and heritage, so they produce handmade crafts and decorative pieces which express their culture. There are many shops that have the certificate from the Government of Rajasthan to sell authentic products. So it is suggested to purchase anything from these certified shops. Otherwise there are chance that you will be fooled by some local stores as you don’t know the price and quality of a product.

7. Decorum of the Forts and Temples in Rajasthan

India is country which is known for its religion and culture. Indian has strong beliefs regarding their god and it holds very special place among them. So, it is advisable to read the rules before you enter into the premises of any temple, fort or palaces in Rajasthan. Though in some temple the photography is also prohibited.

8. Emergency Numbers

If you want to discover the local of Rajasthan by yourself then lock your luggage well and keep the contact details of the Hotel in which you stay and emergency helpline number of that place with you always.

9. Money Exchange & Touts in Rajasthan

If you have to convert your currency then always ask to you tour operator to get it done for you or if you don’t have any tour operator then convert your currency from the approved and certified Money Exchanging shops.

10. History

Search and gather knowledge about the history of Rajasthan before you set foot on the Land of King to get the maximum from your Rajasthan Tour.

If you are coming for the first time in India then it is advisable to experience the Richness of Rajasthan with Luxury Train Tour and stay in the Heritage Hotels. Through this only you will be able to experience the way the King’s of Rajasthan lives and see this beautiful & iconic state of India.

Now you are ready with the helpful & essential 10 travel tips to keep in mind during your Rajasthan Tour

So what are you waiting for, steeped into the Royal Land of India.


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