Kerala Tour Things to Keep in Mind in God's Own Country

Travelling in Kerala is like glide through backwaters. Kerala enjoys a unique topography with Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean on the west and Western Ghats on the east.
The equal climate, long shorelines, exotic wildlife, ayurvedic holidays, historical and cultural monuments, all of this offers a unique experience. This makes Kerala the God's Own Country.
And this makes this place special and people can’t restrain themselves to come and explore the beautiful state Kerala. Earlier Kerala was a place where the commerce and trade takes place from across the including British, Dutch, French, Portuguese, and Arab and now it is celebrated as the Spice Coast of India.
As you have decides to visit this beautiful place with the best travel agency/operator/company and going to pack your bag. So keep these things in mind before you board and face some problems during the trip to wonderful Kerala.

Discover the vacation of your dream with following Kerala Tour Tips

Plan your dream vacation well in advance from government approved travel agents or operators, So that you don’t have to worry for the hotel booking, flights booking and transportation services. You just have to share the type of services you want like the category of hotel, sedan or SUV for the transportation etc and they will give you a detail tour plan with the defined services.

The best time to visit Kerala is in the months of September to March and after March you’ll not find any tourist in Kerala. Apart from the beaches and ayurvedic therapies, Kerala has something special for the Christmas and New Year and this increases the number of tourists visiting Kerala. However December and January is the peak season and April to August considered being the off season.

Kerala is a state which has balanced climate throughout the year and you’ll enjoy the experience of both hot and cold. During your visit to beaches you can feel the warmth of Sun and when you move to the hill station like Munnar, Thekkady and Wayanad you feel the cold. Though you’ll get blankets in the hotel but require sweater and jackets during sightseeing.

Kerala is also known for its own unique and colorful cuisine. It is considered to be the spice coast of India. The cuisine of Kerala has varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights with spicy tadka. Though you can customize you’re the level of spiciness and masala by making a special order request to the hotels and the chef will make customize cuisine for you.

You are not supposed to consume Alcohol and smoke publically. The government has authority to pose fine on you if you caught doing so.

Some temples in Kerala have certain rules and regulation regarding the dress code. Few temples will not allow you to enter in the premises if you are not in the defined costume.

Due to the demonetization in India, the flow cash has been reduced and the use of plastic money increased but this doesn’t imply that the tourist has to carry less cash with them. Though the Government has some strict rules regarding the amount of jewelry and Gold ornaments you carry. So it is suggested to care and wear the minimum.

Ayurvedic treatments should be taken from one of the major Green Leaf & Olive Leaf Ayurveda centre and those centres should be approved from Kerala Tourism Department. Ayurvedic therapies will unite your body and soul.
Though you don’t have to worry for this, the travel company from which you get the package will provide you all the information and give you these tips too. So now you are ready to discover the God’s own Country happily, healthily and amazingly.
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Tips To keep In Mind While Visiting Kerala

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