Top 10 Destinations To Visit In India

One very day I was thinking to plan a perfect trip but then I was muddled about the destinations or places I should visit. Not because of the places but because of the fact that states that India has a lot to be explored. And while this thought clicked my mind, all I thought was let me first make a visit to the Top 10 Destinations to Visit in India. Just like me, there would be plenty of people who would be thinking hard to plan their tour.

I know how much difficult it was to bring out this List of Top 10 Places Must Visit in India, but trust me; this list is enough to start off with India Tour. And who said to explore it in different time period, these few destinations can be visited in one tour but of course you should have plenty of days for that (Something needs to be compromised). So, while jotting down these destinations, I had plenty of things in my mind. Well, not going to tell you those things, but the end result of the thoughts are given below.

So, bringing before you, the Top 10 Destinations to Visit in India:

  • Udaipur

Oh my, my! Udaipur is extremely beautiful city of Rajasthan you would ever see in the world. Known to be the city of Lakes, Udaipur is now regarded as the top 15 most beautiful cities in the world. The natural beauty with the human hand turned in a way that it can leave anyone totally spellbound. The Lake palaces and other magnificent architectural marvels will take your heart away in no time. And if you doubt me, then you should visit it on your own.

  • Delhi

Ahaan! Here comes the capital of the Country, Delhi. Actually, this capital city will leave you awestruck with its culture and lifestyle that is a mixture of perfect rich history and modernity. For me, it sounds extremely interesting. Well, Delhi can be known as the Mini India too. And you know why? Because it houses everything that is housed by India. So, you ask for something, you’ll get within no time. Do try this out.

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  • Jaipur

The Pink City of Rajasthan is the land of the Rajputs. Jaipur is overall the face to the extremely rich and colorful culture of state of Rajasthan. You know what? The Handicrafts Products of Jaipur are extremely amazing. So, before you head back, do not forget to buy some to decorate your home or gift to someone special.

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  • Munnar

This little small hill station of South India is extremely delightful to the eyes, hearts and bodies for every single visitor. The best part of Munnar is the diverse variety of flora and fauna that it is home to. And apart from that of course it is known for its beautiful and extreme tea plantation and estates. Yet this hill station is considered to be a paradise for the perfect natural views.

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  • Jodhpur

The blue city has a deep connection with the sun and so, it is known to be the Sun City as well. Being the Gateway to the Great Indian Thar Desert, Jodhpur is the somewhere the city that can take you to overall new world of Arab in no time. Sounds interesting? So, do have a night stay at Desert Camps of Jodhpur and experience the best Arabian Night with perfect Rajasthani traditional program.

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  • Alleppey

The town of Kerala is blessed with natural and manmade Backwaters. With the perfect houseboats or the moving hotels, Alleppey is just next to heaven for the ones who love to explore extraordinary destinations that are blessed with natural beauty. Now, since Alleppey has a lot to try out, Alleppey is one of the most romantic destinations of India as well. You don’t believe? Go check it out yourself then.

  • Varanasi

If someone ever says I know the oldest city of the world and doesn’t name Varanasi, then you need to run away from that person. And you know why? Because Varanasi is the oldest city of the World. Nearly approx 3000 years old. Now, since it is known to be the Holy Capital of the country, it is famous for its Ghats and religious beliefs and faiths. So, don’t forget to attend the evening Aarti at the Ghats of river Ganga.

  • Agra

Well, frankly, I don’t have words to address this magnificent city. This city, being the home to the Symbol of Love and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal, Agra can be regarded as a city where love floats in the air. Of course, Agra retains a grand historic significance and so, it is the must visit place of India. For whatever your interest is, history, architecture or food, you have the best place.  

  • Jaisalmer

How is something situated in the middle of the heart? Still muddled? Then you must visit Jaisalmer. Since it is located in the heart of the Great Indian Thar Desert, you shall get the answer of the question and of course explore something that you wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else. The plenty of Desert Villages that surrounds, the tour to this Golden City will leave you mesmerized. Do not forget to enjoy the camel ride of Thar Desert.

  • Pushkar

Did you ever hear about the only temple of Lord Brahma? If not then you must visit Pushkar to explore this only temple of Lord Brahma in the World. Being the religious town, Pushkar houses more than 400 temples and Ghats. Can’t even jot down the list. Yet all I can suggest is to get yourself the Moksha from the cycle of birth and rebirth and your sins while you take a dip in the water of Pushkar Lake.

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So, you see, all of these cities have something different and unique one should definitely explore. So, make sure whenever you get time, plan your trip with Travelsite India or just fill the form on your left side and the Tour Expert will get in touch with you. And I shall see you later. Take Care! 

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