Top 5 Romantic Destination of India

Romance, somewhere holds a sweet and beautiful corner in our hearts and we look forward to get the essence of it in almost everything that we do. From reading romantic novels to listening romantic songs and to watching romantic movies. We do so many things to feel the essence of love. Yet just after our wedding, we literally need all these situations back to let use spend the most romantic and quality time with our beloved better half while we are on our honeymoon tour to the Top 5 Most Romantic Destinations of India.

Since the major headache and stress which is left after the wedding is the honeymoon planning, India will again let you have the best Honeymoon Tour to India for you and you’re beloved. The romantic aura that the most romantic destinations of India have will not only make you fall in love with your better half but also will let you fall in love with the destination and with yourself as well. So, if you are yet to plan your honeymoon tour, plan your tour to India and get the Top 5 Most Romantic Destinations of India that I’ve jot down below for you.

Top 5 Romantic Destinations of India

  • Goa

Goa, the place that can take anyone in heaven, the destination that is one of the dream destinations of people from all over the world that they literally want to visit before they die. Goa being the party capital of India has a lot to offer when it comes to Romance. The Golden Sand with the Shinning Sun, the Beach Side or the cruise, everything here will bring the best romantic aura for you. Some suggested Honeymoon Tours are Honeymoon at Goa Beaches, Exotic Goa Tour.

  • Andaman Nicobar Islands

The group of Islands that will give you the perfect romantic hideout for all the honeymooners out there. The pristine clear beaches and the perfect marine life will let you have the perfect time you have dream  of with Andaman Island Honeymoon Tour.

  • Kerala

The Destination that has been constructed by God himself is having abundance of love, nature and beauty. The romantic aura here is loved by all.  The Backwaters for which Kerala is famous for and the Houseboats on the top of it add on to the charm. The beauty that has its name on the mouth of the people is known for some reason right. Some suggested Honeymoon Tours are 4 Days Kerala Honeymoon Tour,  10 Days Kerala Honeymoon Tour.

  • Jammu and Kashmir

Known to be the Heaven on Earth, the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir no way less than a pure heaven. The flowers that bloom here and the aura that overwhelm you with love is another most romantic destination of India. You don’t believe me? Why not to visit it on your own with Jammu & Kashmir Honeymoon Tour.

  • Shimla – Manali

The Two most popular hill stations of Himachal Pradesh in India are known to be the most romantic destinations because of their lush greenery and on the top of it, the snow clad mountains and the splendid views of the landscapes makes it the best destination for honeymoon, holidays, weekend gateway and what not. Shimla, known to be the Queen of Hills and Manali regarded as the Tiara of Himachal Pradesh will provide you the most beautiful romantic experience. Spend the special time with your better half on Shimla Manali Honeymoon Tour.

So, you are going to catch the top 5 Most Romantic Destinations of India till I’ll meet you again. See Yaa!
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