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Though February is the last months of winters but it will make you feel the need of flying to the destination that can harmonize your passionate mood. India is a place that is termed as Incredible due to its various attractions, culture, art & Lifestyle. So here are some well researched lists of Best places to Visit in February in India.

1. Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a hill station surrounded by snow covered mountain valleys, situated in Baramula district of Jammu and Kashmir. Gulmarg was originally named by shepherds as Gaurimarg ("the fair one") in honor of the Hindu goddess Parvati. Gulmarg is not only known for the Gondola, Adrenaline & Extreme Tours but also for the Temples and Lakes such as: - Rani Temple, Baba Reshi Shrine, Alpather Lake, St Mary’s Church, Children’s park and Outer circle walk.
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2. Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is also known as 'hundred thousand islands' in Sanskrit and each island has its own unique appearance. Being unspoilt and untouched, very few tourists know about this place. There are various sports activities being run by the sports Authority of Lakshadweep like wind surfing, Parasailing, scuba diving & water skiing etc. So, add the hundred thousand islands to the list of the places to be visited in the month of February in India.

3. Delhi

Delhi the capital city has its own delight in winter season. February being the last month of winter in Delhi will make the tours to the historical places, monuments more soothing. Delhi is a place which is known for its diverse culture, lifestyle, music, art and of course for its absolute delight in winter season.

4. Varanasi

When we talk about Varanasi, This is what comes in our mind "Older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, And looks twice as old as all of them put together ". The 3000 year old city is known as the City of Temple and grandest celebration of Mahashivratri. Varanasi considered as the holy city of India which has the power of washing away all of one's sins. Varanasi is more than 3000 years old and is famous as the city of temples.

5. Yercaud

Yercaud is one of the best places to visit in India in February. Yercaud is also called as Jewel of the South and also explained as Seven Forest. Yercaud gets its name from a lake located wherein Yeri means lake and Kaadu means forest. Places to visit in Yercaud are - Yercaud Lake, Killiyur Falls, Bear’s Cave, Lady's Seat, and The Grange.

6. Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park resides at an edge of the Eastern Himalayan is located in the Golaghat and Nagaon district of Assam. The park lies in the flood plains of Brahmaputra River so the wildlife gets affected by it & this becomes the perfect reason to get the chances of visibility of diversified species. So explore the wildlife of Kaziranga National park by including it in the list of places to visit in India in February.

7. Coorg

Coorag is officially known as Kodagu, the place to be for all nature lovers. Coorg is an evergreen place known for its breathtakingly exotic scenery. So, come India and explore the beauty of “The Scotland of India”.

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